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Container Condensation

Shipping Container Condensation

No Matter what anyone says, if you are going to store items in a standard shipping container it is exposed to normal weather conditions and therefore prone to condensation occurring inside the shipping container, which will more often than not collect on the ceiling.

The temperature exchange from external to internal is one of the factors in the cause of condensation inside a shipping container. A sunny day in the middle of winter will warm the roof of a container so as to increase the internal temperature to an active humid level. The cold night air will then lower that internal air temperature releasing the moisture as condensation which will form water droplets on the internal roof, subsequently dripping onto the floor or goods.

Another contributory factor is the goods that you are storing. The items you are storing may well contain moisture, even soft furnishings have a moisture content. In winter as well as summer that moisture will turn to vapour as the temperature changes and as a result that vapour will condense as water droplets on the internal roof.

A few handy hints:

 • Do not put mattresses or soft furniture in plastic bags, they will warm up and draw the moisture out and cause mould. Best to cover these sort of items loosely with old blankets
 • Ensure whatever you are storing is dry, no damp boxes for example.
 • Avoid putting warm / hot items into the container, let lawn mowers for example cool down.
 • If storing a car, let the engine cool before closing the doors. The most successful method to combat condensation is the use of chemical dehumidifiers.

The most successful method to combat condensation is the use of chemical dehumidifiers.

DampStick Condensation Control Poles These remove the dampness in the atmosphere before it becomes condensation. They are relatively cheap, in the region of £22 each and will last approx 3-6 months depending on the humidity within the container. They work very well in conjunction with common-sense activity, i.e. do not attempt to store very wet items, keep the door closed on wet and humid days and tape off container vents (see for details).

Another cheap method to avoid condensation is the use of foil encased bubble wrap. This type of insulation and is very effective when it is stuck to the container ceiling and walls. Its downside is, it is prone to tearing if treated badly. The cost is around £210 for a 20ft and £344 for a 40ft.

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