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Flat Packed Modular Offices

Our flat packed office modules are an ideal solution to those looking for instant additional office space. Delivered and assembled on site by our experienced technicians our flat packed offices offer a cost effective alternative to conventional office buildings.

Flat packed office modules are 8ft wide, 8ft 6ins high and come in lengths of 10ft, 16ft, 20ft, 24ft and 30ft long. The advantage of these units over other portable buildings is that they can be linked. Side walls and end walls can be removed to link the units together to create larger spaces to meet your needs

Single 20ft Office from £3,500




High quality PVC double glassed windows with intergrated roller shutters are fitted as standard.

2 x 20ft office linked from £6,700



Panels are fully interchangeable and can easily be assembled and dismantled to allow positioning of doors and windows to your own layout. This unique panel system allows expansion at a later date.

Sanitary Units



Sanitary units with various layouts available that can also include shower cubilcles.

These flat packed offices once linked are not simply open spaces. Partitions can be fitted, kitchen and toilet units added to create a working environment of your own design.

Flat packed offices come in a range of colours and finishes so if you are interested why not give us a call for more information.


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